March 9th, 2024

AHS New Partner Preview!

AHS New Partner Preview!

New Partner Alert!

As our community gears up for another great season, we'd like to welcome two new and exciting partnerships to the series... Hoosier Racing Tire and Nine Lives Racing! Both reputable and top-notch organizations that pour their time and effort into making your race car feel like a race car.

Hoosier brings it's well known and well-loved contingency program to the table. The champions of each class will receive two tires and to the second and third place finishers one tire. But to take advantage of your podium placement, you must register for the program online. Which, you can do here!

Nine Lives Racing spices up the 2024 season with their own prize and trophy. The trophy goes to the fastest street, or “Door Car,” i.e. car with actual doors. The vehicle must be a production car, have a registered license plate, and be a certified “grocery getter” (car that could be used for everyday transportation). And, on top of that, 9Lives Racing is going to give the fastest slick car (i.e. “no aero” car) $1000 credit to spend with 9Lives on an aero starter kit! You read that right, to be considered for this prize your vehicle must not have any type of aero installed. This partnership is meant to grow healthy competition and give the grocery getters a chance to level up.

We'd also like to highlight our anchor partners!

Back Roads of Appalachia has been with us since the dawn of the series existence. Being our biggest cheerleaders, they never fail to connect local communities with our events. Through their socials they've shared to their 50,000+ person audience the excitement and competitive nature of the AHS. Along with BoA, we also would like to highlight Grassroots Motorsports for their continued effort in supporting us through high quality event coverage and promotion.

Last and most certainly not least, our premier partner Summit Racing equipment is not only a major contributor for the series' development, but they also show up in more noticeable ways. 2023 Pine Mountain saw the “Summit Parts Trailer” parked in the paddock offering professional help and expertise to drivers. They supply course items for our event staff as well as “course décor” (flags, banners, etc.) and swag. Last season they provided over $10,000 in prizes to our top finishers and every race is stocked with 10% off coupons that are available to everyone at the end of the events. A hearty thank you to Jim Greenleaf at Summit and...

Thank you to ALL our partners!