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Get in on the Action

Get in on the Action

HillClimbs are unique, interesting and complex events. They have a feel of energy and excitement that doesn’t exist anywhere else in motorsports. And you can be a part of it all - the events and the communities - whether you want to be a driver or not, just by helping out.

There are many ways to assist to ensure a successful HillClimb event. You can help stage competition cars and prepare drivers to leave the start line, you can be a marshal manning a corner station on the hill, you can help direct in the paddock, greet spectators, hand out lunches, or almost anything else imaginable. Here is information about the key and most common roles that make a HillClimb work:

Corner Marshals - HillClimb courses have a number of corner stations, each staffed with a marshal or two equipped with a radio, red flag and a fire bottle. As comp cars head up the hill, marshals coordinate with mountain control to work and observe the course, keeping track of where cars are on the hill and managing incidents. This is a perfect role for people who want to be close to the action of HillClimb competition. Simply put, there is no better seat in the house than a corner station and no better way to be in the know than to have a radio.

Start and Staging Team - The start and staging area at a HillClimb is the epicenter of event excitement. Like clockwork, competition cars roll through staging points to the start line, with event staff along the way who position cars, check safety gear and ultimately send drivers off to take on the hill. This team must be precise and thorough to ensure drivers and the course are set for a run, but also provide the calm and support needed to make sure all involved are focused and ready for competition.

Paddock and Event Support - HillClimb events begin with drivers and teams loading into the paddock, which at times can be as challenging as the hill itself. The paddock team manages this process and as the event starts, provides communication and support to drivers and prepares groups to go to the staging area. The paddock team helps with overall event organization, be it directing traffic, keeping ice in coolers or delivering lunches. This is a great role for people who love to meet people and keep things organized. Tetris experience preferred, but not required.

Communications and Promotion - If you have a gift for writing, photography, videography or social media, there are many opportunities to help out with content, communication and promotion of HillClimbs before, during and after events. This key work is vital to the success of the Appalachian HillClimb Series. Our goals are focused on growing this unique area of motorsports and supporting our host communities; communication and promotion needs to be performed consistently throughout the year.

Greet our Guests - Once the word gets out about a HillClimb, many people want to see exactly what is all about. If you are a people person, then you are well equipped to make our guests enjoy the great camaraderie and experience HillClimb brings to competitors and our host communities. This could include selling tickets, directing foot traffic or just being available to answer questions.

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