April 4th, 2023

Updates to the Appalachian HillClimb Matrix for 2023

Updates to the Appalachian HillClimb Matrix for 2023

Per the AHS board, there are a few changes to the Classing Rules and Matrix for 2023. With the exception of the update for ESP/STH, these updates were made and announced on 2/28 via social media and email. The ESP/STH change is dates 4/4.

As the Solo Rules no longer include A and B Street Prepared, those classes have been eliminated from the Matrix. The changes in the Solo Rules have put most ASP cars into SSP- as ASP and SSP were already included within Street Unlimited, this combination should not move anyone into out of Street Unlimited. Most of the BSP cars have moved to DSP, but as those cars (largely E36/E46 M3) are over the displacement limit for Sport, they will bump to Super Sport- where they already were.

Additionally, as many of the 4cyl FWD vehicles that had been in DSP have been moved to ESP. ESP is now listed as a Sport Eligible class, to capture those cars. However, the displacement limit for Sport does push ESP cars over 2.5l, or with forced induction to Super Sport.

STH has been listed as a Sport eligible class, however as STH is a class designed for cars with forced induction, no STH cars are actually eligible for Sport, so it has been moved to Super Sport.

The safety level for Special Classes has changed from “GCR” to Level 3. This is to align with the parent HillClimb rules, rather than Road Racing Rules, and it may allow a few more Solo built cars to come and play. Cars that meet GCR safety do meet or exceed Level 3 Safety.

We have had an asterisk on the Matrix for ESP, allowing all ESP cars to participate in Super Sport, regardless of displacement- premise being that all ESP cars have similar HillClimb potential and thus should be classed together. The AHS board has identified two other classes with similar criteria - AS and CP, both of which may participate in Super Modified, regardless of displacement.

Updates to SCCA Safety Levels

On March 1, 2023, the SCCA Board of Directors approved three changes to Safety Levels 2 and 3. In essence, the changes are to require a seat with appropriate belt routing and a recommendation to replace expired belts and removal of 1 inch tubing in the construction of roll structure.

Updated Seat Rule - Seats must a one-piece, bucket-type race seat, be securely mounted and provide fore/aft and lateral support. Seats must accommodate, with appropriate routing, 5 (or more) point safety belts including sub-strap. OE seats may not be modified to accommodate belts, aftermarket seats must be installed per manufacture guidelines.

Updated Harness Rule - Harnesses shall be in good condition (no cuts, abrasions, abnormal wear, etc.). It is highly recommended that harnesses are not utilized past their expiration date.

Change to Rollbar Materials - The allowance for 1.00x0.060 tubing to be used on vehicles up to 1000 pounds has been removed leaving a new minimum standard of 1.25x0.090 for vehicles up to 1500lbs. NOTE- this does not apply to homoligated vehicles.

Link to updated Rules, Matrix and Safety Standards can be found at: http://www.appalachianhillclimb.com/rules-and-classes.html