March 3rd, 2023

How Summit Racing Shows Up

How Summit Racing Shows Up

If you were at last year's Pine Mountain HillClimb and you've scanned this year's entry list you may have noticed a rookie driver with a familiar name- Jim Greenleaf, the Motorsports and Events Manager for Summit Racing. Jim visited the event last year and causally mentioned he might like to run one of these events one day. A year later, he's got the car, the gear and is ready to join the HillClimb driver ranks. If you ask Jim, he'll tell you, "It's just how I like to show up."

And it's not just Jim that is showing up for the 2023 Appalachian HillClimb Series, it's also Summit Racing. This is Summit's second year as a presenting partner for the series and this year they are bringing a package that will benefit everyone on the hill. Need some gear? No problem- Summit is giving ever driver and every worker 10% off their next Summit purchase. And, we will have more than a few extras on hand for fans and friends, just ask.

For top drivers, every podium finisher will get a $100 Summit Product Certificate and there's an extra one each for the King and Queen of the hill. Across 4 events, that's over $10,000 in prizes.

For workers, Summit is shipping more pop-ups for corner stations, in case of rain or needed shade. Workers will also get a soft sided cooler, stocked with ice and water at each event.

But wait, there is more- Summit is also producing corner station numbers that we can use on each hill and a couple of sets of braking markers for those extra tricky corners (hello, Flag Rock, turn 3). And shipping us banners, flags, hats, and lots and lots of flag line for each event. Feel free to help yourself to a banner at the end of an event- flag line is fair game- just leave us the corner and braking markers, please.

And if you ask Jim, he'll tell you, "It's just how Summit likes to show up."